Musical Arts Camp

Wall Street UMC invites you to


Musical Arts Camp!

During REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS, children will learn Biblical concepts through the preparation of a musical and daily devotional activities. Campers will also experience training in music literacy, chimes, worship arts, recreation and an introduction to instruments.  REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD NEWS will be presented to family and friends on Friday evening of camp.

Registration is open to children ages 6 years to those who have just completed 5th grade. Registration for the Musical Arts Camp must be completed and submitted with payment ($25.00) via the registration form below.

Full payment is required at the time of registration to reserve the child’s space.  Due to limited space, refunds will not be given.  There will be no proration of fees for any days a child participant cannot attend. (For information regarding a registration support scholarship, please contact Kathy Ottinger, Pastor, Wall Street United Methodist Church, 812-282-9868.) 

Hours of Operation: Dates for Musical Arts Camp are June 15-19, 2020. The camp hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Please do not drop off your child prior to 8:45 a.m. A final Parent’s Night program will be held on Friday night of camp week at 7:00 p.m.

Snacks and Lunch: Campers have the option of bringing a sack lunch daily or registering for a hot lunch. A mid-morning nutritious snack and lunch drinks are provided. If your child forgets his or her lunch, a parent will be called and expected to bring the lunch before our lunch begins. On Friday of camp week, lunch and dessert will be provided for all campers.

Medical Needs/Allergies: Musical Arts Camp staff members are not permitted to administer medication to program participants. 

Sign in and Sign Out Procedures:

  • Sign-in will begin at 8:45 a.m. Staff members are not permitted to begin sign-in or accept children before this time.
  • Children must be signed in upon arrival and signed out at dismissal. 
  • The child’s parent/guardian/authorized person must come into the church to sign his/her child’s name and time of arrival, and the dismissal log.
  • The parent/guardian/authorized person will be given an identification card at sign-in to show to camp staff at dismissal. 
  • Authorized persons are advised to have photo I.D. cards to show camps staff upon release of child. 
  • If a situation occurs where a person does not have proper identification or is not listed on the registration form for release of a child, the child will be kept on the church grounds until the legal parents or guardians are notified.  
  • Children whose parent/guardian is late at dismissal will be assessed an additional $15.00 for each 15 minutes. Staff members are not permitted to stay beyond 2:30 p.m.

Behavior Management/Discipline Policy:  Musical Arts Camp staff will create a fun and safe environment for participants in the program. Praise and positive reinforcement are used as effective methods of behavior management. Children who do not respond to these methods or who are harmful to others or destructive to property will be dealt with in a professional, positive, and timely manner to correct the behavior. In the event a child’s harmful or destructive behavior cannot be corrected by Musical Arts Camp staff with a verbal warning or other form of behavior modification, the incident will be discussed privately with parents/guardians. A second conversation with the parents/guardians will be held if the behavior is repeated by, or new behavior problems occur with the same child. Dismissal from the Musical Arts Camp may occur at this time. 



To register for Musical Arts Camp, please click the Register button below.