Wall Street Arts Academy


The Wall Street Arts Academy is an emerging new ministry of our church to provide excellent training in the arts to individuals of varying ages and levels of talent, by qualified instructors. Members of our congregation who believe in the future of our church donated $15,000 which is being used to develop this ministry. 

The benefits of a fine arts academy are:

1) To be an outreach tool for our church. Our academy has the potential to bring many people into our facility that may not otherwise enter. The academy will also facilitate relationships between people in our community and people in our church. Our academy can shine a positive light on our church in the community, making it attractive to potential converts and members.

2) To aid in the development of students in the areas of self-esteem, social interaction, personality skill and accomplishment.

3) To provide quality training for future church musicians: pianists, organists, choir members, instrumentalists, worship leaders, and more.

4) To raise fine arts awareness and excellence in the community, placing the church in an influential leadership role.

We will be utilizing our church’s physical space during the week to house the academy. The Arts Academy Task Force has been working on the initial planning stages for the Academy. Members of this group are: Margaret Shea, Phil Shea, Eric Timerding, Lee Overpeck, Beverly Leslie, Bethany Morrill, Sue Anderson, and Pastor Kathy Ottinger. 

· Our initial classes will be launched in January 2019 with piano group lessons and a digital photography class.

· We have a piano lab with 4 electronic pianos housed in the Middle School classroom.

· The digital photography class will be held in the Board Room.

· Schedules and registration for classes will be forthcoming. 

· The academy will be financially self-sustaining.

The Arts Academy will bless our congregation by offering an opportunity to develop our artistic gifts and to provide a venue for talent that can enrich our worship and church family life.

As we move forward with this ministry, please pray for guidance, decisions, and how you can be involved in this ministry.  We will need hall monitors, committee members, clerical help to register participants as well as other “jobs”. We hope you will be moved to participate in some way—maybe even taking a class!

Registration Form

Registration Form